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Phase two applications are now open. Apply now!

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Application period extended! New dead line: August 31, 2020

 Application Procedure and Important Dates and RoadMap Until the First Lecture

 Please read the instructions included in Application Procedure carefully and comply with them  precisely. Please also make sure that the recommendation letters will be sent directly to the right address and before 10/8 (see details below).  Finally, please review the information provided on the RoadMap until the first lecture, so everyone can plan accordingly    

  1. Application Procedure

All applications should be submitted electronically via the website in which the applicants must create a user account, process their application, upload their supporting documents and submit before the deadline. Applicants are invited to first create a user account at: and then to upload the following certificates or files:

  1. Application for admission (to be downloaded from the programme’s web site) (Please resend it though this new link)
  2. A three-page curriculum vitae (Please resend it though this new link)
  3. Motivation letter or Statement of Purpose that should at least include (Please resend it though this new link)
    • What interests you about our programme's content, and what makes it the best study option for you.
    • What particular factor convinced you to pick that programme (reputation, professors, employment options, etc.)
    • How your previous studies match the Master's you want to pursue. If they don't match you should argue why you want to change subject areas.
    • What career you are aiming for after graduation and how this degree fits your plan.
  4. Certified (Greek or English) copies of your academic transcripts with details about the courses you studied at undergraduate level and the marks you received (all marks need to be normalized to the scale 0-10)
  5. Certified copies of any additional academic degree links to freely accessible material of any published research work, prizes, scholarships, participation to research projects etc. that were mentioned in you CV;
  6. Proof of at least B2 level English language proficiency certificate; and
  7. A scanned copy of your personal ID or Passport.

 In addition to docs 1-7, two recommendation letters are required to support your candidature. Recommendation letters shall be sent by the referees to postgradsecr<at>  with the following subject: "Letter of Recommendation for “APPLICANT’s NAME” for the Graduate Program in "BIOMEDICAL ENGINNERING". Letters shall be sent:

  • before the deadline for the submission of applications; 
  • from an institutional address that testifies the referee's affiliation and shall include the complete contact details of the author 

   2. Important Dates and RoadMap for Until the First Lecture

10/7: Phase 2 applications opening

17/7: Election of the Evaluation Committee

31/8: Phase 2 applications closing (NEW)

10/9: Evaluation and ranking of candidates completed

11/9-15/9: Registration of successful candidates

28/9: Kick-off date 


Application for admission (.docx)

Application for admission (.pdf)